Tally Ho!

Technogeek warning – if the thought of setting up tallies makes you feel dizzy, or if your eyes glaze over at the first mention of RS422 control protocols, then you should look away now. On the other hand, if you’re an engineer who likes a handy tip, read on…

During a recent MVS 6520 training session at RT London, I came across the following challenge: a remote server was set up to be triggered by the MVS on-air tally, so that whenever the server appeared on-air, it would get a run trigger (from the serial tally via a TSL Tallyman interface for hardcore readers). This worked fine, except for the fact that there was a delay of several frames before the server started playing, so the viewer would always see a freeze frame at the start of the playout. How to solve the issue? Take a look at this tutorial.

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