Improving the M/E crosspoint pad on XVS switchers

This tutorial shows you how to modify the xpt pad settings so that after assigning a key bus, the menu automatically returns to the home page

The XVS series of switchers has a customisable keypad at the right-hand end of every M/E crosspoint row. Fortunately, the factory default settings are good, so you can use the xpt pad as it comes, but a few tweaks will make it even better. Here’s a simple one: modifying the display so that it returns to the home page after changing a key bus source.


Here’s the xpt pad showing a typical page1. The top left button assigns sources for row 1 – in this case it’s set to KEY1.
Let’s say that we want to change row 1 of the P/P bank so that it assigns sources for KEY5, rather than KEY1.


Press KEY1, which jumps the display to page2: ROW-1DELG.

If we press KEY5, row 1 will now assign sources for KEY5 rather than KEY1.  But annoyingly, the display remains stuck on page 2, and we have to press HOME to return to page 1.  Let’s program the buttons on this page so that after making a selection, the display will automatically jump back to page 1.

Go to menu 7326.17. Select PAGE2 from the top right rotary knob.

7326_17-page2circledSelect the top left button. Note that all the buttons initially appear blank because you’re looking at the ‘jump page’ that’s assigned to each button, rather than what the button actually does. Now select the desired jump page (HOME) from the drop-down list. Click SET to add the jump page command to the top left (KEY1) button.

7326_17page2homecircledRepeat the above procedure to add the jump page to the other key selection buttons, as shown. You don’t need to add it to the top centre button because that is the page number.


Now select PAGE3 from the top right rotary knob, and repeat the operations you carried out in page 2.


When you have added the HOME page as a jump page to all the buttons shown, you’re done.


Now after assigning any key bus or utility bus to row 1 or row 2, the display will automatically jump back to the home page.