Simple graphics transitions tutorial

Thanks to Sue Brincat for suggesting this tutorial showing how to build a macro to make a graphics transition with a simple cut or mix under the graphic.  If you need to set up a tracking wipe under the graphic, the clip transition menu offers an alternative solution.  Use whichever method you prefer!

One thought on “Simple graphics transitions tutorial

  1. Sue Brincat

    I didn’t exactly suggest this tutorial, but I did call Wink because I couldn’t find a solution to a problem. I needed to be able to Wipe a Background and sometimes a Key or Keys underneath a Clip in a live situation. It had to be immediate and variable. It was the day before the relaunch of the Premier League Channel, and I was programming during rehearsal – complete nightmare!
    Oh and it also had to run on every ME and there were six different Clips. but that’s just a detail once I’d understood the method.
    I’d programmed a Wipe Transition using a Clip with a Menu Macro. This worked just fine except that the Frame Mem would automatically default to Pair and, therefore, to Black every time I ran the wipe.
    I then tried using Clip Transition and that was all good but only as a Background Transition. I was close, but not close enough.
    Thankfully I called Wink and he talked me through the solution. I just couldn’t have solved my problem so elegantly without that call. Thanks again Wink! Sue


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